How to grant access admin to your Google account

How to share your Gmail account login details to your SEO service provider for Google maps stacking


Gmail Solutions

We are using Google Entity Stacking. At present, we are creating G accounts, On Indian IP with Legitimate Mobile Number. But when you Log in from your IP, google may suspend your G account. It means All G properties Are Dead, hours of work will be wasted & it will adversely affect your Site ranking.

So, what can you do?

1:- First Solution (Recommended)

Create a new Gmail account.

Send us password and security answers

– Recovery email id
– Phone Number
– Location ( Log in Location)

2:- Second Solution

Set Email Forwarding & Make Us Admin of your existing Gmail account.

-> Benefit Of Email Forwarding – We can verify new accounts without accessing your Gmail account.

-> Benefit of Email Admin – We can access all G properties for G stacking without accessing your Gmail account.

Step 1. Set Email Forwarding To “

(Please follow the instructions)

Step 2. Make This email id “”–admin of your Google account.

Please follow the instructions.

Once You set up email forwarding, google will send us a verification code. INFORM US ASAP.
We shall Forward that code to You To verify…

3:- Third Solution

It’s a paid solution.

Google suit

Cost, $5 per user per month, and Minimum 3 users. Total Cost $15 PM Payment To google.

You can create email like:

Step 1.

Follow the instructions.

At Last, Google will ask you for G-Suite Billing, make a payment, and send us credentials so that we can use that account for link building.

You can add more Users too. (If Required)


Here is the tutorial: => How to set up & Use G Suite for Your Domain –


Disable 2Step Verification

If you have enabled 2 Step Verification in your Google account, please disable it.

How to disable two-step verification.

Just login to your account.

==>> Now go to Accounts
==>> Then click on Security.

==>> Now go to 2 Step Verification Section ad click on edit and set status Off

That’s it.