How to share your Gmail account login details to your SEO service provider for Google maps stacking


Gmail Solutions

We are using Google Entity Stacking. At present, we are creating G accounts, On Indian IP with Legitimate Mobile Number. But when you Log in from your IP, google may suspend your G account. It means All G properties Are Dead, hours of work will be wasted & it will adversely affect your Site ranking.

So, what can you do?

1:- First Solution (Recommended)

Create a new Gmail account.

Send us password and security answers

– Recovery email id
– Phone Number
– Location ( Log in Location)

2:- Second Solution

Set Email Forwarding & Make Us Admin of your existing Gmail account.

-> Benefit Of Email Forwarding – We can verify new accounts without accessing your Gmail account.

-> Benefit of Email Admin – We can access all G properties for G stacking without accessing your Gmail account.

Step 1. Set Email Forwarding To “[email protected]

(Please follow the instructions)

Step 2. Make This email id “[email protected]”–admin of your Google account.

Please follow the instructions.

Once You set up email forwarding, google will send us a verification code. INFORM US ASAP.
We shall Forward that code to You To verify…

3:- Third Solution

It’s a paid solution.

Google suit

Cost, $5 per user per month, and Minimum 3 users. Total Cost $15 PM Payment To google.

You can create email like:
[email protected]

Step 1.

Follow the instructions.

At Last, Google will ask you for G-Suite Billing, make a payment, and send us credentials so that we can use that account for link building.

You can add more Users too. (If Required)


Here is the tutorial: => How to set up & Use G Suite for Your Domain –


Disable 2Step Verification

If you have enabled 2 Step Verification in your Google account, please disable it.

How to disable two-step verification.

Just login to your account.

==>> Now go to Accounts
==>> Then click on Security.

==>> Now go to 2 Step Verification Section ad click on edit and set status Off

That’s it.